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A new contest for curators and art advisors

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Presented by Paolo Batoni, Founder & CEO of T.O.E. Art Market

T.O.E. represents a constant update on contemporary art production and an authoritative guide to the art market, through the up-to-date views of curators, art advisors, influencers, and international collectors.

With PREMIERE, a contest created by T.O.E., we intend to support the figure of the curator and to underline the centrality that it has assumed into the context of contemporary cultural practices, with the aim of launching important international collaborations and presenting multiple and different possible perspectives.

Are you a curator? Would do you like to create your own collection?

T.O.E. ART MARKET publishes monthly the CREAM collections created by curators, art advisors, influencers and established international curators.

To apply to PREMIERE and create your own collection, fill in the form below and attach your CV. You will receive an email with the instructions to take part PREMIERE. The competition is free and the winners will get a contract proposal to create one online collection for the platform and a collaboration proposal for the following months.

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